Visible Thinking

“Making Thinking Visible: Building Understanding Through Creative Thinking” developed at The Harvard Graduate School of Education transformed my thinking as I learned about visible thinking and how to help students to delve deeper in their knowledge and understanding. My post “A Collection of Student Voices, Thinking Made Explicit on Film” showcases how visible thinking has shaped, structured, clarified and deepened student thinking.



I’ve discovered that greater integration of digital literacy and implementation of digital tools, cultivates independence, awakens curiosity and creativity. Students make executive decisions regarding their learning.

Goals for Cultivating Innovative Thinking in the Classroom:
cultivating networks
personalizing and participating in their learning
seeking patterns and multiple perspectives
producing, remixing meaning and culture
being imaginative, receptive, connected and collaborative
sharing their passion and possibly triggering change



Curiosity and the art of asking questions is fundamental to learning and understanding. In my teaching practice, I employ a variety of metacognitive strategies to support individual and collective thinking. I’ve been experimenting a lot with vlogs and integrating making thinking visible routines providing students with the opportunity to share their insights, reflections, struggles and essentially clarify their thinking.



Through an inquiry and project-based approach, learning experiences are designed to incorporate collaboration to inspire, support, extend and challenge student thinking and the creative process.

Throughout my project-based approach, ongoing individual and group conferences are conducted. Class debriefs, “takeaways”, vlogs, thinking routines, self and peer critiques, as well as collaborative assessment practices are vital components of my project design approach to making learning visible.