Innovative-01I designed a learning experience in sixth grade language arts founded upon the principle that we need to cultivate the art of asking questions for sustainability, guided by the idea that simple questions lead to more complex ones.

Promoting creative and analytical thinking, the project, Simply Ask, “Why?” used Linda Sue Park’s evocative novel A Long Walk to Water as a jumping off point to seek answers and find out what the world is doing with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

Twitteracy was the literacy used in the classroom to “promote, support and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness” (ISTE 1a). Why twitter? What’s twitteracy? Please click here.

Innovative-02Reaching out to parents, communicating with them about the project and encouraging them to participate in our learning were critical components of Simply Ask, “Why?” Please click here for the parent community outreach document, which further outlines the project.